We built the sauna in January 2006.

Interior is cedar. Thermometer was ordered online. Small wooden bucket is just so...

Two benches. The bench above is my favorite, temperature here can reach (if you want) 100C

The door... I spent hours building the door.

A window is important, without a window you will very soon get a "claustrophobia"...

We decided to put a kind of wardrobe on the side wall which is very convenient. Hooks in front are for towel and bathrobe.

There was some space left behind so I put a light door there and placed a mirror on it.

The "life" behind the door.

In the meantime someone placed a towel on the bench, the towel is a present from my former employer, from the airport, it says "vacation".

The lamp. I placed it under the bench, so the light is dim and provides some sort of intimacy.

The heater. This is the main part of the sauna, and the most expensive part. I paid around $900.00 for this piece only. It is 5 KW, comes with lava rocks and all the stuff like temperature control, etc.

Front view.

I left some space on left side (actually sauna is in the middle of the basement and there is space around the sauna), but this side is my favorite, I finally found a place for all my stuff like air compressor, drill press, grinder, welder and all small tools.

And I put a fancy light there, a sort of lantern.

Electronic temperature control, here you set the temperature and time, it will shut off after the time is over. Below is the light switch, I will later replace the plastic with a wooden plate.

Here is the heater again, I built a safety guard around, the piece gets really hot, I wouldn't touch it.

Notice the plate on light switch - I replaced it with a wooden plate.

Here is what I put on the floor

This stuff smells awesome when you heat the sauna.

Temperature Control - built in GFI, relays - everything is in this box

Here is how I fixed the cable

To be 100% safe I acquired and installed a 40 AMP GFI (safety first)

We use the sauna every second day and we adore it, kids and wife enjoy it, so do I. And we noticed none of us got sick this winter.